About me


My name is Kamil and I am a professional visual media creator. My journey with media started in 2012 with creating music videos and backstage photoshoots. Being fascinated with digital media possibilities I took part in multiple photography, editing and production workshops that took place in my hometown (Warsaw) as well as Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. The knowledge and experiences, I use in video creation, photojournalism, event documentation, interviews, vlogs, studio shoots and marketing campaigns. 

Throughout these years, I created various projects for companies like: Pepsico, Jack Daniels, Platan Group, Premium Spirits, iMeso Asthetic Group, Dansinn by Malitowski, Teatr Buffo, Ratusz Targówek, Dom Kultury w Łomiankach, Adult Swim, Dom Kultury Zacisze, LOFT Food&Music, JROOTS, Israel Bonds, Handcrafted Mobile and Castro Bike. 

At the moment I work on a music program for Polsat Television and on a new project for Tomasz Sekielski and Mariusz Kurpiński under the name of: “Jest Moc – 12 wyznań Sekielskiego”

I feel very comfortable with creating projects for individual people – like photoshoots and video clip productions – therefore I kindly invite you to a collaboration with me. 

Or maybe you would like to join me during my first workshop about the basis of photography, which I created on the basis of the knowledge I have gained throughout these 8 years in professional visual media creating. 

Do not hesitate to contact me, 

Kamil Nastyk